Down for Maintenance (Err 3)

I'm sorry to say this, But DopeHosting has been a waste of money and time for us.

I have nothing to say! We just invested our money and time on it, and we got nothing back. So we don't have other choice but just to close this and idk maybe we'll work with something else a different project maybe.

We will totally shut down at 15/02/2018.

Please Make sure you will backup all your data till 15/02/2018, Remember that after that date no one will be able to provide any kind of backup from us!

If you want to stay with dope community you can join or our facebook group
We'll not close our discord channel maybe we will publish new projects or something else on it!

(Paid Clients Will Get Full Refund)

Thanks for understanding!

* PS : With "Waste of time" i mean as a project, but wasn't totally a waste, DopeHosting made us to improve our skills in many things, Also because of dopehosting we have meet new people and we have made new friends, was a good time, just as a project it failed didn't went well so we are closing for now thinking better and then launching a better project with a better idea!

What And When Will Be Offline

cPanel Web Hosting Offline @ 15/02/2018
VPS Servers Offline @ 21/02/2018
Gaming Servers Offline @ 3/02/2018

Cloud Servers Will Remain Online As They're not fully owned by dopehosting. (Till they expire)
Domain names will be online. (Till they expire (customer will get domain transfer code))