Jan 11th Firewall Automatic/Permanent (KVM SERVERS)

Hello.As our first node which we are offering KVM servers is from soyoustart there is no way to turn firewall to permanent mode. In most of cases this is not required, but for somethings it's required so we are creating a solution about this,We will be offering a proxy ip (TCP/UDP all) which you can use for your app meanwhile that proxy will be ... Read More »

Jan 6th Moving to SSD! And Increasing Performance + Security!

Dear Clients Free/Paid Everyone hosted to our France cPanel node.We will move to another server which is better than where we are now. But what will be better? - Better CPU.- More RAM.- SSD Disk.As we currently are with 16GB Ram and 2TB HDD. we decided to move because for around 200 domains hosted by us all used space is around 30GB which means ... Read More »

Dec 24th News for old FREE Clients.

Hello,We just want to remind you that dope hosting does not handle active hosting plans if their main domain is offline or if that plan is not in use.We are very strict with this And we terminate every free hosting plan which1. Main Domain is inactive.2. Main Domain is offline.3. Hosting plan is not used.What do i mean with "Main Domain" ? , The ... Read More »

Dec 9th L7 Protection and Known problems!

Hello,We have activate L7 DDoS Protection, From the day which we enabled this our server has start to run faster than ever. And this is one more reason to not disable it anymore.Now what is this L7 Protection? The L7 Protection will protection your site From Spammers who use Botnets to attack your website(s) or our company. A Botnet has a high ... Read More »

Dec 6th Ovh Datacenter Problems (Again)!

Hello.You May have been able to see our service running slow or getting a time out. We just want to let you know that this problem is out of our hands and all what we can do is just waiting for ovh updates about this problem.. Meanwhile you can get ovh updates from http://travaux.ovh.net/ All our services are affected by this issue! ... Read More »

Dec 5th Turning OFF Varnish Proxy.

Dear clients.

We will turn off Varnish proxy.. So all free clients who are using it please point your domain to our cPanel server ip or change nameservers..

Our Nameservers 


Dec 4th Cloud Servers Price Increases!


We're sorry to say that prices for Cloud Servers has been increased. This increase is not maded by us but directly by ovh as we own a cloud project to them the prices are set by ovh.. 


Nov 28th Two-Factor Authentication Enabled!

Dear Clients.

We've decide to add some extra security for your whmcs account! 

Today we have activate Two-Factor Authentication for Clients. 

Feel Free to activate it by Login to your Account => Menu (At Your Name) => Security Settings

Thank you!
DopeHosting STAFF.


Dear ClientsWe are offering 50% OFF In all our hosting plans you can now get BUSINESS Hosting plan for just 5€ /monthPlan SH1 = 0.30€ /moUnmetered Bandwidth30 GB SPACEPlan SH1-PRO = 2.30€ /mo Unmetered Bandwidth100 GB SPACEPLAN SH1-BUSINESS = 5€ /moUnmetered Bandwidth300 GB SPACEMore Info ... Read More »

Nov 11th Free orders now need manual activation!

Dear clients.Due to alot of abuses we have now switch free orders from automatic to manual activation!Please keep in mind that you should respect those rules.1. Your account should not be with fake/bad informations.2. Your should have a normal valid email not one temporary email.3. You should verify your email before you place one order.4. WE WILL ... Read More »

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